Vishal Blaeze

Vishal blaeze , better known as "freakin Kiddo".He is the founder of this society. Blaeze was always been passionate in movies making and in magic tricks . he was inspired by david blaine at the age of 11. He's known as "kiddo" mostly by his friends and family..

blaeze was also interested in bmx after playing dave mirra freestyle at the year of 2009.and later in 2014 his dad gift him a Hercules qross bmx.

He begin to practice street riding and a bit of flatland.

In the year of 2015 , he got sunday bikes. he started to practicing hard in bmx...

He also make movies ...

he created Apocalypto in 2014 (short film)

In 2015 he worked in some vfx shots.

later in 2016  , THE HAUNT (short film)

Later in 2017,He started to work in music industry as a western Rapper

His stunning and most unforgettable song "stay strong with your wound" is still rocking us